Yankton 146.85 Repeater Refurbished 2015

Pictures of the refurbish work on May 26, 2015

Ground Crew-01_5-27-15^


On Wednesday May 26th 2015 at the Yankton .85 site a new antenna was instialled and a yagi aimed at NWH was installed and fed with 7/8″ heiliax   The yagi toward Vermillion was changed to 1/2″ heliax.

Saturday May 30th 2015 the UHF link went on the air at Yankton so NWH and Yankton were linked.


Cage To The Top Of The Tower-01_5-27-15^ Ed Almost To The Top Of The Cage-01_5-27-15^ Ed Almost To The Top Of The Cage-02_5-27-15^ Ed At The Cat Walk-01_5-27-15^ Ed Half Way Up The Water Tower-01_5-27-15^ Ed On The Cat Walk-03_5-27-15^

The Yankton 146.85 repeater is maintained by WA0GMH assisted by W0SD.  All the tower work was done by Ed W0SD.   Ground crew on the work day was KD0TGH, K0WIU, W0OE, KE0CLO, WA0GMH.