Tabor Digital Repeater

The PDARC C4FM digital repeater is located near Tabor, South Dakota at AE0XI’s QTH.   It operates on 443.900 Mhz (+) with a power output of approximately 15 watts.  It is a Yaesu DR-1X repeater that feeds a dual band vertical antenna which is approximately 55 feet above ground level.

The repeater is connected to the internet using a Repeater Builder’s MMDVM board that is controlled by a Model 3B+ Raspberry Pi computer.

Access to the repeater is either over-the-air or by using an MMDVM hotspot, running PiStar software, connected to YSF88411 PDARC.  This YSF reflector was set up by the club and is located at AE0A’s QTH.