South Dakota Kayak Challenge

PDARC provided communications support for the South Dakota Kayak Challenge, May 25-26, 2013.

The 2014 South Dakota Kayak Challenge(SDKC) will be held May 24 and 25 which is Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day week end.  The PDARC provide communications for this event.  The SARA provides the 146.97 repeater for the event.  It is a 70.2 mile race and event of Kayaks and a few canoes from Yankton to Sioux City.  Complete details on the SDKC can be found at

In 2013 we had 15 amateurs helping with this event.  We had communications using the the SARA 146.97 repeater from Myron’s Grove, Mulberry Bend, Boltons, Rosenbaums on the Missouri and Bev’s on the River at Sioux City.  We also used the PDARC Vermillion Repeater and simplex.  We provided communications for the SDKC committee, a check list of kayak’s at each check point as to times and drop outs and a master list at Sioux City. This master list was used to provide some placings on posters at Sioux City at the SDKC room and on Facebook.  We also provided communication at the finish line into the tabulation room at Sioux City.

Pictures South Dakota Kayak Challenge

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CP # 4


CP # 4


CP # 4



Smallest Kayak in event, made it to the finish line

This is at CP # 4


CP # 2 on water Check Point at bottom of cement boat ramp


CP # 4 generators


CP # 4 Antenna to right, RV for COMM center


Check Point # 2 Mulberry Bend and Kayaks


Bill W0EJ and Jeff CP# 4


Donna WD5JRL and Ed W0SD at CP # 4


Antenna at CP #3


CP #3 COMM center, Generator in back ground


KD0TGH Kenny CP #3

IMG_2863_3 - Copy

Left KD0DLZ Bob Sioux Falls

AD0DN Scotty Tea



Lisa SDKC in Green

Front to back

Ken KD0TGH, Scott AD0DN, Bob KD0DLZ



IMG_2869_2 - Copy

CP # 3


IMG_2872_2 - Copy

CP # 3 Scott, Bob, Ken, not pictured Ray K0YKN458

Kayak’s CP# 2 Vermillion/Nebraska bridge

IMG_2877_2 - Copy

CP # 3

IMG_2878_2 - Copy

CP# 3


CP: # 2 Lisa and Benda SDKC officials



CP #4



Edith W0OE CP # 2


CP # 2 antenna and COMM center, 2000 watt generator and huge battery bank


Kids Day June 2013

Headed up by W0EJ Bill

DSC_0001 DSC_0006

Field Day, June 22-23, 2013, was held at Spirit Mound State Park north of Vermillion.  There was a potluck supper for members and their families and visitors on Saturday night June 22nd at 5:30 pm at the Field Day site.